11 Mar

Dear readers, 

Today we are launching a pilot project dedicated to the Italian Furniture segment, in collaboration with Bait Venoy. 

It’s a long-waited project; originally, we set out to create a physical Italian showroom, that will enable Israeli design professionals and customers to have a glimpse of a selection of Italian manufacturers with a wide range of furniture and design articles, that wish to explore the Israeli market and test their products' potential in this context. 

Due to the health emergency our plan was revised, turning it into a virtual showcase with a leading local magazine. 

Finally, it has come with twenty of Italy’s leading furniture makers, not yet distributed in Israel, that are showcasing their furniture elements and accessories. 

They were chosen, among the hundreds who have joined the project, with the help of Arch. Genya Schwartz, Israeli Architect and Interior Designer, specially selected through a call for proposal. This is the right time and place to acknowledge her invaluable collaboration, professional expertise and the most helpful spirit in supporting this project and our effort in promoting the Italian Furniture segment in Israel. 

The participants represent the country’s major furniture production areas, from the Alps in the North of Italy, through Tuscany and the Marche area, to Sicily in the South of Italy. 

They operate in different sectors from furniture and lighting to decorative articles and deal with different types of materials, combining traditional and innovative production processes and elegant and updated design, as you can see in the virtual showroom, we have prepared for you. 

At least 50% of them export considerable part, often more than half, of their entire production. 

In Italy, the furniture and decor world, that counts more than 294 thousand employees and 70.000 companies with a turnover exceeding 49 billion Euros, has been one of the first sectors to show signs of recovery. In 2021, all furniture and lighting products for the home have registered a real surge in orders and sales including to the market of Israel where there is a strong presence of Italian furniture companies and trademarks. Import from Italy grow constantly and reached in 2021 a new peak of 155 million US$ in furniture and 26 million US$ in lighting articles, respectively 26% and 14% more than the previous year. 

This initiative has been thought to give Israeli importers the opportunity to discover new high-quality unique products to bring to Israel and to permit architects, interior designers and consumers to incorporate in their projects and homes a touch of Italian design. 

We feel that Italy has a lot to offer to the Israeli clients not only from a design and quality angle, but also price wise. 

The Italian Trade Agency – ITA is the Governmental agency with a widespread network of overseas offices that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy. ITA provides information, assistance, consulting, promotion, and training to Italian small and medium-sized businesses, serving the trade and press in all matters pertaining to imported Italian products. Using the most modern multi-channel promotion and communication tools, it acts to assert the excellence of  Made in Italy in the world. In Israel ITA operates through the Tel Aviv office at 3 Daniel Frisch St Tel: 03-6918130 E-mail: telaviv@ice.it Stay in touch with us to follow all the upcoming events! 

Fabrizio Camastra 

Trade Commissioner

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